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CEB Executive Transition Coaching services, backed by Fortune 500 companies are proven coaching methodologies and principles combined with a strategic plan designed to help you break free from blocks that are holding you back from career advancement. CEB Executive transition coaching services are privately held sessions that allow you to work at your own pace as often as you like or need.

CEB also offers a
90-Day, Brand Your Edge™ Executive Career Transition System for executives who want to be held accountable for their actions, progress, and results. The 90-Day, Brand Your Edge™ Transition Program meets 2x per month over Zoom, with weekly accountability calls, coaching exercises, and debriefs, plus a certificate for completion that allows you to use the program learning with others.
The 90-Day, Brand Your Edge™ Executive Career Transition System is a results-driven system that is perfect for executives in career transition, leaders who are transforming their leadership, and executives who are building a solo practice after a long corporate career and want a pathway to rapid results. The 90-Day, Brand Your Edge™ Executive Career Transition System includes two (2) self-assessments, plus a bonus assessment for startups, a four (4) piece digital brand portfolio, personal branding, outreach marketing, negotiation, and closing strategies + leads, and referrals. 

"Loretta’s expertise is impressive. Her well-defined structured 90-day program will get you results in today's challenging marketplace". - Julie H.

Book your 30-minute complimentary consult call today to determine which executive career transition option is right for you and get started today.



Your Culture IS Your Brand. Having a strong corporate culture increases your brand equity by 40%. Post-Pandemic, brands are investing in employee performances as well as their health and safety. You can also book me to speak or teach a workshop at your next event.

Competitive Edge Branding training programs for company brands and teams help Brand Your Edge™ as an innovative corporate entity in a competitive marketplace. Improve self-awareness, 
communication, and connection with employees, clients, board members, and more. Brand Your Edge™ corporate training programs include:

Brand Your Edge™ EQi-2.0 – Well Being Creative Workshops and Coaching that bond Teams and Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and 360 feedback.

Brand Your Edge™ - Sales Leadership, Group Training, and Coaching using self-assessments that include Strengthsfinder 2.0, personal branding, and digital tools for big brand impact in how you speak about your value.
Brand Your Style and Expression Edge™ for Professionals, Remote Workers, and Teams, by leveraging hybrid environment for your fulfillment, personal brand success, and improved communication.

Brand Your Leadership Edge™  Micro Workshops include: Workforce Development; LinkedIn; Crafting Your Message; Social Media Marketing; Executive Presence; Branding, Structuring & Delivering Presentations and Speeches.

All programs include select self-assessments, workbooks with interactive learning exercises, group coaching, prework, and post-training coaching sessions + surveys that ensure change, growth and, new behaviors that meet identified goals for employee and professional brand success that is in alignment with your company brand core values.

Micro-learning and curated programs are also available for on-demand learning that deliver a big
 impact in less time.

We work with Startups, CEOs, (SMB), Manufacturing, Sales Managers, Universities, Law Firms, and Associations, 

Book your 30-minute consult call today to determine which training programs are right for you, or let us help you design one.



for 7 figure companies
Manage Your Online Reputation and more. Fractional CMO Services designed to scale your business, reputation, and revenues.

Competitive Edge Branding works with industrial, B2B, and startup companies to
identify growth opportunities using competitive edge branding business and marketing intelligence when 
launching new products, services, or events, into new marketplaces. 

We enrich your online presence by helping you to build a solid digital footprint from designing your website to crafting proper messaging that speaks to your ideal customer combined with a social media marketing plan that helps your brand become recognizable more often in a crowded Internet world. 
Competitive Edge Branding also builds beautiful, high-quality sales folders, media kits, speaker kits, sales presentations, brochures, tradeshow banners, and journals, that leave a lasting impression in client meetings, trade shows, board meetings, and opening new doors.

Make a smart investment in your brand for a fraction of the cost of a CMO salary with services that keep your company credible, relevant, and recognized as a trusted industry leader.

Learn how we can help by booking your complimentary 30-minute consultation to learn more about our fractional CMO services and determine the proper fit in working together for your next project.



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