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My Story,


As a GenXer, I experienced great jobs at global tech companies that went bankrupt. As a U.S. sales rep during the Internet boom that included installing ISPs - T1 Lines, observing zero long distance charges to emerging computer products i.e. the first tablet, digital phones, and wall TV's, I realized that technology would redefine business and the workforce that would change how we looked at our careers and business forever. My work experiences helped me to shape my consulting practice, and also stand out as a visionary leader by teaching digital skills that provide executives a competitive edge in the job market and business. From Global Fortune companies to privately held companies...


I asked myself one day, where to next? I made the decision to become an entrepreneur and found my "Why" for doing so. I officially opened my doors for business in 2011. I am nationally certified in writing resumes and executive career portfolios and have provided personal branding training since 2008. My resume work is published in 4 publications and I co-authored 2 career books - one which I branded the title "101 Ways to Compete in a Job Search." What I didn't know then, that I've known since is that the business shifts I had experienced in the global marketplace would become the new normal for work and business over the next decade, meaning – careers would become less predictable, more fragmented, and demand more skills – technical skills.


I shaped my business formally in 2011 to serve growing businesses and high performing executives. I have helped hundreds of executives  (also their kids) market and advertise their companies, rebrand themselves, and also find new career opportunities through my accredited, forward-thinking, coaching, and business consulting, also social media training. Some have even chosen to leave their corporate job and start a business.


If you are looking for a well established, networked, accomplished executive career coach and business consultant who is invested in business trends, solutions, numerous workplace studies, and digital skills, to help you succeed in your career and 21st Century business, then I'm your gal, and I welcome the opportunity to work with you. 




Loretta A. Stevens

CEO, Brand Strategist